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The Army Geospatial Enterprise was conceived in the mid-2000’s, when the Army recognized the inefficiencies and lack of interoperability among Army systems using geospatial data.

In August 2007, a U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command analysis examined the geospatial gaps and capabilities,. The analysis recommended the establishment of a governance body to manage and coordinate geospatial activities.

By late 2007, the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army signed the “Geospatial-Enterprise Governance Board Charter.” The charter established the Geospatial-Enterprise Governance Board (GGB) and the Geospatial Information Officer (GIO) position.

The Army Geospatial Information Officers. From left to right ... Mr. Robert Burkhardt (2008 - 2011), Dr. Joseph Fontanella (2011-2018), and Mr. Gary Blohm (2018 - present).

Today, Gary Blohm serves not only as the Geospatial Information Officer, but also as the director for the Army Geospatial Center, which was established in 2009.

The long-term objective of the Army Geospatial Enterprise is to administer and facilitate the development of the Army geospatial capabilities by standardizing data, establishing common support services, and certifying Army systems.


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