About Hydrologic Data Resources Application (HyDRA)

The Hydrologic Data Resources Application (HyDRA) is an unclassified mobile Andriod application created to provide the water community with a means of water resources data collection, visualization, and dissemination in an enterprise environment. Information collected via HyDRA is added to the Water Resources Data Base (WRDB), an enterprise geodatabase containing information on the location, quantity and quality of land-based surface, ground, and existing water facility features to support DoD water resource logistics decisions. The WRDB and HyDRA databases are maintained by the Army Geospatial Center's (AGC) Water Resources program and serves as DoD's primary agent for military water resource analysis and water detection.


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Application Access & Log In

In order to use HyDRA application properly you must be a registered user and log into web-interface. Registered users should also download the user's guide for correct usage of application. 
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Application Screenshots

Screenshots showcase various features that are capable from the mobile app.

 Water Wells Search example  Features of Well Search  Mobile app example

Application Video

Hands-on demostration of HyDRA in action.