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GeoPDF Gallery

What is a GeoPDF?

-- GeoPDF Brief --

A GeoPDF is a stand alone file that provides a standard format for exchanging data to users. It can display multiple coordinates, support 400+ datums and 40+ projections, measures area/length, and GPS Tracking. Developed by TerraGo Technologies, GeoPDF is a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat to allow users the ability to embed specific information within a PDF file. Below are GeoPDF examples the Army Geospatial Center provides to their customers.     

PODCAST: Mr. Ray Caputo, Geographer at US Army Corps of Engineers, Army Geospatial Center, Discusses the USGIF Award Program

Joint Operation Graphic   Topographic Line Map  Operational Navigation Chart Tactical Pilotage Chart 
 Joint Operations Graphic
(air) 9.5 MB
 Topographic Line Map
7.14 MB
Operational Navigation

7.67 MB
Tactical Pilotage

10.3 MB
 Mount Dellenbaugh Fargo 2009   Pittsfield  El Portal
 Mount Dellenbaugh Fargo 2009 Sample  Pittsfield Sample El Portal
 Jones Cove      
 Jones Cove      

Other GeoPDF Examples

GeoPDF using different terrain

Samples supplied by Mackay City Council Imagery © WebMap