Open standards, architectures, and test methods help connect Army, Joint and Coalition systems - providing an interoperable foundation that supports all U.S. and international warfighting functions.
The AGE GeoGlobe provides unique geospatial analysis tools and methods to assist with the visualization of both training and operational battle space environments. The GeoGlobe incorporates 3D digital models, maps, imagery, elevation, and vector data to create a common environment for ground forces.
When commanders are faced with decisions regarding battlefield operations, there are not pre-defined possible routes. The Geospatial Center specializes in the collection, use, storage, and dissemination of high resolution aerial, terrestrial and satellite imagery.
Shippers and consumers depend on inland waterways to move millions of tons of commodities like coal, petroleum products and other raw materials. Accurate and real-time display of vessel position relative to waterway features like shifting river currents aids voyage planning. The Inland Electronic Navigational Charts convert waterway data into a foundation that is exceptional for voyage planning.

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