US Army Corps of Engineers
Army Geospatial Center

AGC´s expertise encompasses terrain algorithms; design, development & deployment of systems for terrain reasoning & management; human, urban, and physical terrain data collection, production, management, analysis, & distribution; 2D & 3D terrain visualization research, systems and services; and global positioning and portable terrain systems & services.
AGC´s expertise encompasses hydrological algorithms and decision aids; systems for hydro reasoning and management; ground, surface, and man-made hydrological data capture, production, management, analysis, & distribution; hydrological model visualization; electronic navigation; and water management systems.
AGC´s expertise encompasses the collection, use, storage, and distribution of aerial and satellite imagery and sensor data from electro-optical, hyperspectral, LIDAR, and other geo-sensors from the open and unclassified to the highly secured environments; hosting the Buckeye collection platform; and research into multi-sensor environments and analysis.
AGC´s expertise encompasses the design, development, fielding, and home station support of terrain, hydrological, navigational, imagery, and command & control systems.
AGC is instrumental in the Army´s Geospatial Enterprise, the Army Geospatial Governance Board, standards and requirements for systems using geospatial information, and geospatial data formats and tools.
AGC is engaged in the management of various civil works projects, dam safety management, inland waterways navigation, and civilian disaster relief efforts both in the Continental US and outside of it.

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19-026 Dworshak Dam discharge flows to temporarily increase to 5,400 cfs March 27-29 to help speed hatchery fish downstream
AHSAHKA, Idaho – To give fish hatcheries an opportunity to release juvenile fish smolts, Dworshak Dam discharge flows will be increased Wednesday, March 27, starting at noon, from the current 1,600...
19-025 Corps covers fish-counting at dams; new contractor slated for June arrival
COLUMBIA & SNAKE RIVERS, Wash. & Ore. – Adult salmon passing through U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) fish ladders on the Columbia and Snake rivers this spring will be counted and recorded, but...
Work resumes on repairing Union Dike levee
In today’s daily update of current flood fight efforts, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District, resumed work on the Union Dike levee breach repair, near Valley, Nebraska, after a one day...