Published Feb. 14, 2013
OHASIS worldwid humanitarian projects

OHASIS worldwid humanitarian projects

The Overseas Humanitarian AssistanceShared Information System (OHASIS) enables Humanitarian Assistance (HA) offices, including embassy staff, countryteam members, Combatant Command leads, and the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) to managethe full life cycle of Overseas Humanitarian, Disaster and Civic Aid (OHDACA) projects. As a result, OHASIS has been provided to all of the Geographic Combatant Commands (GCC) for their use in monitoring HA projects and to Country Team membersthroughout the world for nominating projects. The OHASIS system is currently used to manage the full life cycle of over 3,000 OHDACA projects, 100 Denton and Funded Transportation Shipments, and three warehouses maintaining humanitarian excess property each fiscal year. Additionally, OHASIS provides a mechanism for the United States Government to share their appropriate releasable Department of Defense HA information to other organizations, to include both governmental and non-governmental organizations.


OHASIS is an enterprise GIS focused towards the non-GIS expert for entering critical humanitarian-related data to be used by the GIS analyst. This system is designed to be flexible and part of the larger Humanitarian Enterprise, not the one solution for all humanitarian assistance organizations. Built upon ESRI’s ArcGIS Server Enterprise capability, OHASIS supports connected clients via web browsers, disconnected and causally connected clients using laptop and portable computing devices, database synchronization and replication between server nodes deployed in key areas, and advanced GIS analysis.

OHASIS is comprised of three modules to include Humanitarian Assistance Management, Excess Property Warehouse Inventory management, and the Denton and Funded Transportation program management.

Current Status

The DSCA has funded the AGC to make OHASIS the system to manage the full life cycle of OHDACA funded projects by all COCOMs. It is currently operational as version 2.1 which was launched 2Q FY2011 with numerous usability, management and mapping enhancements. The system is evolving to support current Office of Secretary of Defense guidance such as the ability to monitor and evaluate the HA projects.

Point of Contact

COMM: 703-428-6090 DSN: 364-6090