USACE Survey Monument Archival and Retrieval Tool

U-SMART Home page: https://usmart.sec.usace.army.mil 

The purpose of U-SMART is to provide a centralized system for USACE and Army surveyors to manage and view survey monuments, to include Control Point data and boundary monuments, and make sure that the latest values for these control points are current and up-to-date, relative to the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS), for the associated project.

The U-SMART Database Includes:

  • USACE and Army Control and Boundary Monuments
  • USBR (Bureau of Reclamation) Control/Boundary Monuments
  • NGS (OPUS and Traditional) Published Control
  • NOAA, USACE, and USGS Gauges                            
  • USACE Projects (CPN)

The Benefits of using it includes:

  • Common Source for all Project Survey Control – Share across District functions (all using same)
  • Current and up-to-date, relative to the NSRS (National Networks), for the associated project
  • Links to water level gauges (USACE, NOAA, and USGS)
  • Versioning For Superseded Control
  • Open to public (read only)

Access to U-SMART

In general, there are three levels of users who can access the tool: Public Users; USACE Contractors; and USACE/Army/USBR Users.

  • Public Users: Can search for control points (both NGS and USACE) and download/export them from the system.  There is no need to login to U-SMART to access these functions.
  • USACE Contractors: Can perform functions of a public user and be assigned by a district admin to enter data into the system for that specific district when working on a district project.  These users must create an login.gov account and contact the district POC for access.
  • USACE/Army/USBR: Can perform all functions of public user and allows the user to perform administrative functions, modify control point meta-data, create control point linkages, and associate control points with their projects.  These users must create a login.gov account with their CAC to be granted admin and control point manager functions.

U-SMART Admin(s):    If you have any issues or questions, please contact us at usmart@usace.army.mil 

USACE User Only:  Visit the Surveying and Mapping Community of Practice SharePoint for discussion on U-SMART (https://usace.dps.mil/sites/KMP-TS)