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Enterprise Components

The Command Post Computing Environment provides a software infrastructure framework so that current and future Army capabilities can be built to adapt to the way the Army fights. This environment provides common applications, such as mapping, that are part of the Army Geospatial Enterprise. (Photo credit: PEO C3T, U.S. Army)
The Mounted Computing Environment provides a common suite of mission critical hardware and software for ground vehicles. This environment supports movement tracking, improved situational awareness, and logistics, which are all part of the Army Geospatial Enterprise.(Photo Credit: PEO C3T, U.S. Army)
The Army equips Soldiers with mobile and handheld devices to assist them with their mission on the ground. These devices have the ability to provision maps, manage geospatial content, and display the Common Operating Picture; capabilities that make them an integral part of the Army Geospatial Enterprise. (Photo credit: James Avery, U.S. Army)
The Army Geospatial Enterprise (AGE) Node replicates multiple Army Computing Environments and supports prototyping and certification within a testbed located in Alexandria, VA. The AGE Node helps the Army evaluate standards and interoperability in support of the AGE. (Photo credit: Army Geospatial Center, U.S. Army)


The Army Geospatial Enterprise

The Army Geospatial Enterprise (AGE) specifies the geospatial standards and best practices for the U.S. Army, as well as certifies the geospatial capabilities of Army systems. The Army Geospatial Enterprise includes all Army systems, organizations, and professionals who work with geospatial data.


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