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Geospatial services providing standard interfaces to AGE capabilities enabling operational collaboration, decision and action. 543rd Geospatial Planning Cell in support of US Army North and US Northern Command 512th Engineer Detachment Geospatial Planning Cell in support of US Southern Command.
60th Engineer Detachment Geospatial Planning Cell in support of US European Command 5th Engineer Detachment Geospatial Planning Cell in Support of US Pacific Command. 132nd Engineer Detachment Geospatial Planning Cell in support of US Central Command
64th Engineer Detachment Geospatial Planning Cell in support of US Africa Command 517th Engineer Detachment Geospatial Planning Cell  



Data Download Sites


Online shopping site providing ability to download or order geospatial products that are created or hosted by AGC NSG database for 3D pointcloud data (LIDAR) and Elevation Models. The USGS Earth Explorer data portal is your one stop shop to obtain Landsat satellite imagery, Radar data, UAS data, digital line graphs, digital elevation model data, aerial photos, Sentinel satellite data, some commercial satellite imagery including IKONOS and OrbView3, land cover data, digital map data from the National Map, and many other datasets. Users can search by exact location via the interactive map or input specific coordinates to view what data types are available.
CMB Lite he U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Geospatial Open Data provides shared and trusted USACE geospatial data, services and applications for use by our partner agencies and the public. The Deputy Chief of Staff, G-9 (DCS, G-9) Installation Geospatial Information and Services (IGI&S) Program provides a unified approach for the creation, maintenance, management, and dissemination of Army installation geospatial data. Army installation geospatial data can be explored using the Army Installation Atlas (AIA). AIA is the Army IE&E's overarching geospatial solution leveraging data (geospatial, real property, ISR, space utilization, RPLANS, and ASIP) to create web maps, web applications, and web services. AIA enables alignment of spatial and non-spatial data across DCS, G-9 business systems to quickly and efficiently enhance the user's ability to make accurate and timely decisions.



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Aeronautical, Digital, Hydrographical, and Topographical products needed for mission planning and navigation. Catalog for researching and ordering maps and charts within 5 product classes: Aero, Digital, Hydro, Topo, and USGS. Coverage is world wide and updated product information is available via download through FEDMALL DLA Map Catalog download page or by Intelink - Inteldocs. NGA Reference Number to National Stock Number Cross Reference



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The AGE Node is a working environment for researchers to work with the fielded Army Mission Command systems so they can tailor their research to the operational environment as it relates to achieving an AGE. The Reachback Engineer Data Integration (REDi) system provides a common database, robust user interface and fullyintegrated mapping tools for receiving, managing, tracking and archiving all data and engineering reachback support conducted through the USACE Reachback Operations Center (UROC). NGA on-demand geospatial platform that provides mission apps and developer tools
IT standards which define a DoD-wide set of semantics intended to maximize interoperability of geospatial information and services for installation, environment and civil works missions This global web map provides detailed views of all DoD installations and operating areas along with useful National-scale layers (e.g., Congressional Districts, infrastructure, environmental data) and up-to-date imagery. Use it to create your own "operating picture" of Defense installations. AGC Water Resources Repository