USACE Contractor Database

This database does not take the place of any district/center specific databases and/or SBA Dynamic Small Business Search or other contractor listings.

This is another tool to help us maximum opportunities for small businesses, at a prime and subcontract level!

Contractor Partnering Opportunities

A list of contractors (SB and LB) that have registered in the USACE Enterprise Database and have given their permission to share for potential partnering opportunities is located here.

This list is provided as a courtesy and in no way guarantees partnering, subcontracting or prime contracting opportunities.



Is your company newer to the USACE Army Geospatial Center and would you like to expand your networking/contracting opportunities?

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) , Army Geospatial Center, Office of Small Business Programs, maintains a list of contractors with an interest in doing business with our Center who have knowledge and experience in providing:

1. Systems & Acquisition Support and 2. Warfighter Support & Production.  AGC’s efforts encompass design, development, fielding, home station support of terrain, hydrological, navigational, imagery, command & control systems, and Geospatial/GEOINT expertise.  AGC strives to enable and implement an Army Geospatial Enterprise (AGE) in support of unified land operations. The enterprise is designed to deliver a Standard and Sharable Geospatial Foundation (SSGF) organized in a Common Operating Picture, to provide situational awareness.

The company information gathered in the database will be used as a market research tool for our Center acquisition teams.  The information gathered may also be used to provide direct communication to contractors outside of contract opportunities re: outreach events, training, new regulations, items of note etc.  If your company agrees, the information may also be made available to other contractors that may be seeking partners for specific procurement opportunities.  USACE shows no preference to contractors included in this list.  It will only serve as supplemental available information to internal and external customers, and as a tool to identify businesses and market capabilities.

In addition, responding to this invitation does not increase or decrease your odds of receiving a government contract. Responding is not required to receive an award. 

We look forward to building our business relationship with you.