Department of Defense, Defense Support to Civil Authorities, Automated Support System (DDASS)

Published Nov. 29, 2023

Description and Background

DDASS (DEE-dass) is a web-enabled Government software application developed by the Army Geospatial Center (AGC) to manage (i.e., track, collaborate, coordinate and prioritize), FEMA Mission Assignments (MAs) assigned to the Department of Defense in real time.  DDASS provides the automated means for a Defense Coordinating Element (DCE, one assigned to each FEMA region), to validate MAs and allow for all Orders, Requests For Forces (RFFs) and FEMA MA forms to be associated with specific missions and provides multiple commands Situational Awareness, to view and respond to mission critical actions.  DDASS serves as the backbone to support the DoD’s Defense Support to Civil Authorities (DSCA) responsibilities assigned primarily to U.S. Northern Command (NORAD/NORTHCOM) and the U.S. Pacific Command (US INDOPACOM).as required.


Accessible via CAC or PIV card, DDASS controls the Validation and Approval Process for each Mission Assignment (MA), from validation by a DCE through approval by the Secretary of Defense; the sourcing process by the Combatant Command; mission tracking and funding, all accomplished through the Mission Assignments manger.  The manager is user-adaptable to serve a variety of user defined functions via a filtering capability that allows MAs to be viewed and sorted by FEMA region, precedence, incident, while fields may be rearranged or hidden from view depending on user preferences.  DDASS includes a user-defined alert function that notifies users via e-mail of changes in status. It also provides a forensic capability to show User ID, date/time stamped actions for each MA as well as hosting additions and modifications as they move through the validation, approval and sourcing processes providing an audit trail.  DSCA data is viewable on DDASS against several optional map backgrounds and with several data layers such as weather, flood and population.  DDASS data also is exportable as GeoJSON or KML making it visible in many GIS systems such as Google Earth™ and ArcGIS Portal™ extending its utility.  Funding for each Event and MA is tracked to the penny via its Reimbursable Funds Manager.  DDASS data is generally ‘view only’ to any CAC or PIV card holder, making DCSA functions more visible to a larger DoD and national community.


DDASS is recognized as the Authoritative Data Source for all DSCA operations.  DDASS allows DSCA mission decision makers to collaborate, coordinate and prioritize missions in real time across the DoD or other government agencies, supplanting the former paper and file folder methods of DSCA coordination.  Other benefits of DDASS are that it is:

  • Unclassified
    • DDASS operates in an unclassified environment, making access to its data easier among other U.S. Government agencies.
  • Ubiquitous
    • Because of its web-enabled form, DDASS is available anywhere an Internet connection can be established.
  • Designed for low-bandwidth conditions
    • DDASS is designed to operate where bandwidth resources are minimal, such as at or near a DSCA incident
  • Now with a Composable Workspace.
    • DDASS is equipped with a composable workspace to assist DDASS end-users in detailed analysis of most all DDASS operations to include missions by year and type and duration; as well as data relating to funding over its 15-year history

Points of Contact: Dr. John Karpiscak, U.S. Army Geospatial Center (ATTN: CEAGC-GSA), 7701 Telegraph Road Alexandria, VA 22315  (540) 630-1200. E-mail: