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Data Model - Warfighter

The Army is concerned with making timely, relevant geospatial data available to warfighters. The Ground-Warfighter Geospatial Data Model, also called the GGDM, is the core component of this approach.

The primary focus of the Ground-Warfighter Geospatial Data Model is to identify, understand, and manage the warfighter's geospatial data in a standard, shareable, and accessible environment. The data model is the container for collecting, managing, and using the ground-warfighter's  geospatial data.

The Ground-Warfighter Geospatial Data Model​ supports multiple geospatial products.

The geospatial data model identifies the location and attributes of features such as roads, rivers, buildings, fences and bridges. It also contains metadata describing the accuracy, content origin, and classification level of the data.

The data model supports the addition of unique ground-warfighter extensions to be included and be made available to ground-warfighter systems. It is a conceptual and physical profile of the National System for Geospatial-Intelligence Application Schema allowing for greater interoperability and data sharing with others.


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