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AGC Ordering

The Army Geospatial Center allows users access to its geospatial data and products via a secure online repository as seen directly below. It also gives users the capability of having that data physically shipped to their location using any of the following interfaces: Standard Ordering Form, CMB Online, or DataDoors.

1. AGC CAC Site - Online Data Direct Download (CAC Required)


2. AGC Standard Ordering Form (Physical Media)

AGC Standard Order Form
AGC CAC site is a geospatial data repository and information resource for many of the programs/products available at Army Geospatial Center. The site provides users immediate access to datasets in an easy to navigate structure.
AGC's standard ordering system is a text based form. All data from AGC unclassified holdings are fully available from this form.


3. CMB Online - Interactive Ordering                        

Did you recieve your CMB Online notice?  If not, Click here to find out how to make sure your order goes through.


4. Environmental Analysis Request Form

CMB Online
Environmental Analysis Request Form

CMB Online provides a robust interactive environment for efficiently viewing data spatially and providing a responsive method of product ordering.  


Requests for information are handled by the Environmental Analysis Team: (703) 428-3626,