Common Map Background (CMB) Program

Published April 30, 2020
Updated: April 30, 2020
CMB Program

CMB Program


The Army Geospatial Center’s (AGC) Common Map Background (CMB) program was designed to provide the capability to assemble, host, maintain and disseminate a common geospatial data library. The library includes AGC data and products, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) data, and other relevant geospatial data and products. Data and/or products from the CMB data library are provided as requested to Army and other Department of Defense (DoD) customers.

Current Operations

In addition to ordering data by contacting the CMB program at AGC, CMB Online is another tool available to customers. AGC's CMB Online dramatically eliminates the time and expense required for field users to acquire, manage and load/import data from DVD or external hard drive, by allowing customers to search, download, and order geospatial data using a simple, web-based "shopping cart" interface. A common Access Card (CAC) is required for access and download, and any large datasets will be passed to the CMB team for shipment on media.


Products requested range from map and image datasets of small areas of interest to large country, COCOM or even global datasets. Customers are able to place requests through CMB Online, through AGC’s website via a help request form, or by contacting the CMB program by email or phone. AGC's CMB analysts receive requests from a multitude of Agencies, ranging from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers District offices and various DoD organizations, to troops in preparation for a deployment. Data can be delivered via download, DVD or external hard drive to load on DoD Program of Record Mission Command Systems.

CMB supports the Standard Shareable Geospatial Foundation (SSGF) concept of providing essential map, image and elevation data to Army Command Post and Mission Command Geospatial-Intelligence (GeoInt) systems. Data required for mission planning and terrain analysis applications such as Situational Awareness Geospatially Enabled (SAGE) Tactical Decision Aids (TDA) are supported.

The CMB program distributes AGC products such as: BuckEye LIDAR and imagery, Urban Tactical Planners (UTPs) and Engineering Route Studies (ERS), Modeling and Simulation (M&S) data. Also available are NGA's standard data products such as DTED, TanDem-X, CADRG/ECRG, CIB and Land cover information, USGS National Elevation Data (NED) and Topographic maps, USDA National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) imagery, OpenStreetMap feature data, and GeoPDF products from NGA and USGS. Maps formatted for display on Garmin GPS units can be requested, and there are several maps formatted for use on the Defense Advanced Global Positioning System Receiver (DAGR) that are available for dissemination. New datasets are added to CMB and CMB Online as they become available.


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