AGC Leaders

  • Daniel Visone

    Daniel Visone is the acting Director of the U.S. Army Geospatial Center (AGC) in Alexandria, Virginia, and serves as the Geospatial Information Officer (GIO) on the Army staff. In these roles, he leads and directs the development and integration of the Army Geospatial Enterprise (AGE) to enable systems within Programs of Record; lends Geospatial Intelligence expertise to develop and field tools for optimizing location data; and provides geospatial products, data, and training for an array of military operations. (For full bio, please click on 'Daniel Visone' image to the right.)
  • James R. (Randy) Reynolds

    Mr. Reynolds serves as Deputy Director, Army Geospatial Center in Alexandria, VA. He provides top-level leadership and direction to the operational, scientific, engineering, research, systems acquisition, and staff support activities of AGC. He facilitates management of technical programs and development of strategic goals and objectives and makes strategic leadership decisions in support of planning, programming, budgeting and executing agency resources. He monitors and manages overall business and technical performance for AGC.