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The Army Geospatial Center has a vital mission to provide geospatial engineering in direct support of the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.

The Army Geospatial Center was organized as a major subordinate command center under the Army Corps of Engineers on 1 October 2009 to support the Army's LandWarNet/Battle Command concepts, capabilities, and systems - with the mission to provide timely, accurate and relevant geospatial information, capabilities and domain expertise for Army Geospatial Enterprise implementation in support of unified land operations.

Our vision is to enable geospatial information dominance. We do this is within the framework of our core functional areas that support the Army Geospatial Enterprise: Warfighter Support and Production; Enterprise Development and System Acquisition Support and Research, Development, Test and Evaluation.

As the Army's geospatial knowledge Center, we are providing a decisive advantage by extending, filling and connecting National System for Geospatial Intelligence capabilities.

The Army Geospatial Enterprise:  Collect Once, Share with All

One of the AGC's primary goals to correct the geospatial capability gaps preventing systems from achieving a true Common Operating Picture (COP) is to enable an Army Geospatial Enterprise.  At its core, the AGE is an integrated system of technologies, standards, data, organizations and processes that delivers a Standard and Shareable Geospatial Foundation (SSGF) at all echelons.

Geospatial Expertise for Today's Warfighter

The AGC employs a knowledgeable and diverse staff of more than 350 Department of Defense civilians, contractors and military personnel who lend their extensive expertise to support the three program areas driving the AGC mission:

Warfighter Support: Provides geospatial engineering support to the Army’s generating and operating forces focused on fulfilling critical geospatial production gaps and provides technical reachback, data collection, production, exploitation and dissemination of geospatial information tailored to the Army’s mission requirements and mission command systems.

Systems Acquisition and Support: Synchronizes Geospatial Enterprise policies, priorities, programs, strategies and technologies across the Army Acquisition Community; develops, acquire and field geospatial and geospatial intelligence systems and capabilities in support of the Warfighter; and manages technology integration, prototyping and demonstration programs to ensure the efficient integration of Geospatial Information and Services (GI&S) technologies within the Army Geospatial Enterprise framework.

Geospatial Research Laboratory: Provides the Warfighter and Nation with superior knowledge of the battlefield through innovative basic and applied research in geospatial and related sciences by conducting geospatial research, development, technology and evaluation of current and emerging geospatial technologies that will help characterize and measure phenomena within the physical (terrain) and social (cultural) environments encountered by the Army.


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