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U.S. Army Geospatial Center Fields New ENFIRE Tool Kit to Warfighters

Published June 23, 2009

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The U.S. Army Geospatial Center is fielding 200 Instrument Set, Reconnaissance and Surveying (common name: ENFIRE) tool kits to deploying engineer units, improving their ability to rapidly collect engineering data while minimizing their exposure to enemy observation. Distribution of the kits will continue through Summer 2010, and full rate production and fielding is being planned through 2015.

Current reconnaissance tools require Soldiers to manually record measurements from on top of a target using pencil, paper, compass, and tape measure. The recorded information and data must then either be physically transported to the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) or transmitted to the TOC by multi-line voice radio reports. ENFIRE was designed to modernize and expedite the collection and dissemination of reconnaissance, construction, facilities and related information and provides the capability for engineer Soldiers to conduct tactical data collection at offset locations using a standardized format. The ENFIRE system allows the user to digitally collect and auto-populate standard US Army forms with Bridge, Road, Hasty Minefield, and other data, using customized commercial software, in conjunction with government off-the-shelf hardware and software and integrated with a computer-based geographic information system.

ENFIRE’s components greatly improve interoperability with existing command and control systems, providing rapid transmission of information, safer and more accurate data collection, and enhanced situational awareness in the Soldier’s dynamic operational environment. ENFIRE is an Army Program of Record and will provide comprehensive maintenance, training and sustainment support.

Release no. 09-004