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Shannon receives Commander’s Award, recognition for IPET

Published Jan. 24, 2008

Brian Shannon, ERDC-TEC, recently received the Commander’s Award for Civilian Service and was also recognized by the Interagency Performance Evaluation Task (IPET) Force for his participation in USACE’s efforts to assess the performance of the Southeast Louisiana Hurricane Protection Project following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

From September 2005 to 2007, Shannon contributed to the development of Volume 2 – Geodetic Vertical and Water Level Datums report, which updated geodetic and water level reference for the region and determined accurate elevations of all critical structures.

Shannon is a licensed professional engineer and land surveyor in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Before joining TEC, he worked as a project manager in hydrographic surveys at the Norfolk District for five years. He also taught hydrographic surveying for 12 years for the Corps’ PROSPECT Course.

In 1999, Shannon received the TEC Director’s Award for Scientific and Technological Achievement. He was granted a patent in July 2001 for inventing a method for measuring depths of a waterway and for determining vertical positions of a waterborne vessel. He was granted a second patent in November 2001 for inventing a system for ascertaining height as related to an established reference.

Shannon is a member of the Virginia Association of Surveyors, and Tau Beta Pi and Chi Epsilon engineering honor societies.

Jackie Bryant

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