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Free GeoPDF Mapping Format Extension Available to Department of Defense Users

Published Oct. 17, 2007

ALEXANDRIA, Va.- The U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center’s Topographic Engineering Center (ERDC-TEC) created and released an extension for ESRI's ArcGIS 9x. The GeoPDF to ArcGIS extension, which is free and available only to Department of Defense agencies, will allow users to import the TerraGo® Technologies GeoPDF® or geo-referenced PDF file format for viewing, manipulation and utilization as map backgrounds into ArcGIS. The extension will read directly from native GeoPDF format and display files as single-layered, read-only raster images in ArcGIS. According to Ray Caputo, GeoPDF project manager, the extension will allow DoD users to import the GeoPDF file format as a map background. "The digital image displayed on the computer and as a printed aid remains crisp and clear as the user zooms in to look at the map in more detail, unlike CADRG, creating better looking mission-specific products."

TEC has converted standard NGA map sheets for 6 countries involved in the global war on terror into the GeoPDF file format and packaged them on DVDs with a user-friendly index sheet. GeoPDF files are very small (2 - 10 megabytes per map), usable on any PC with Adobe Reader software, and readily available to DoD personnel. TEC continues to create more GeoPDF Country DVDs from over 30,000 standard NGA maps produced by the NGA Research Center. 100+ countries will be available on DVD or for download from TEC's websites by the end of this year.

POC: Ray Caputo at (703) 428-6784;

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Release no. 07-004