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ERDC team members receive recognition for achievements

Published July 30, 2007

Three team members were recently recognized for their significant contributions, leadership and innovation, and support to the center. Robert Pazak, a computer scientist in ERDC-TEC’s Research Division, received the Commander’s Award for Civilian Service for his "significant contributions to the calibration of the Buckeye cameras and to the color correction of Buckeye orthoimages". Pazak was also cited for his "efforts in solving difficult problems associated with Buckeye optical cameras and problems with spectral signature analysis through the implementation of Hypercube which significantly increased the overall accuracy and appearance of Buckeye mapping products." During his career, Pazak has worked extensively in the areas of remote sensing, photogrammetry and computer science.

Kevin Johnson, a geographer in ERDC-TEC’s Research Division, received the Achievement Medal for Civilian Service for his leadership and innovation during 2006 "in advancing geospatial enterprises for TEC and ERDC in new domains ranging from counterintelligence/human intelligence, humanitarian assistance, disaster preparedness and response. He was also cited for "successfully leading the integration of geographic information systems into new domain areas for ERDC in support of the warfighter. These new areas now provide decision makers the knowledge to proactively make critical decisions and analyze their effects as they relate to humanitarian assistance and the human domain."

Carole Nevitt, an information technology specialist, ERDC-ITL, received the Commander’s Award for Civilian Service for her outstanding support to the Communications Infrastructure and Architecture Branch. Nevitt was cited for "her role in providing mail service and wireless communications support while continuing as the administrator of the site PBX (formerly the Private Automatic Branch Exchange)." She continued to perform these functions despite the prolonged absence of a co-worker. In 2004, she received the Achievement Medal for Civilian Service for the successful installation of the PBX at the Alexandria sit(Photos by Melody Clanton, TEC MIO.)

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