Army Geospatial Enterprise Architecture (AGEA) Standards Profile TV-1 / TV-2

Published Feb. 13, 2013


The Army Geospatial Enterprise (AGE) is an integrated system of technologies, standards and processes that provides a comprehensive framework for systematically managing, exploiting and sharing geospatial data, information and services to enable Army full spectrum operations. Geospatial services provide standard interfaces to AGE capabilities that enable operational collaboration, decision and action.

The Army Geospatial Enterprise Architecture (AGEA) is a system-of-systems architecture developed by the Geospatial Acquisition Support Directorate under the direction of the Army Geospatial Information Officer to provide support to the Army Acquisition Community for implementation of the AGE. One of the key aspects of defining the AGEA is the specification of applicable geospatial standards for data and services. The AGEA standards profile is the mechanism by which the AGEA specifies these standards.


The AGEA Standards Profile is list of standards that constitutes the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) Technical Views TV-1 and TV-2 for the AGEA. The Technical Views are listings of standards that apply to Systems and Services View elements in a given architecture. The TV-1 is a Technical Standards Profile delineating systems standards rules and conventions that apply to architecture implementations. The TV-2 is a Technical Standards Forecast that fills gaps in the TV-1 and lists emerging or evolving technology standards relevant to the systems covered by the architecture. The AGEA Technical Views are contained in a single Excel spreadsheet that classifies standards by Computing Environment (CE), Capability Set deployment timeframe and other criteria that determine their applicability.


The AGEA Technical Views provide the technical systems-implementation standards defining the geospatial data and information models, encodings and formats and geospatial service interfaces and functions of the AGE that are to be applied in engineering specifications for systems SDKs, modules and building blocks, systems, product lines, families of systems and systems of systems, within a CE, at the interfaces between CEs and across all CEs.


Conformance to applicable standards in the AGEA Standards Profile will:

  • Enable sharing and display of timely, accurate, relevant geospatial information across all Army systems and CEs
  • Implement common interfaces to geospatial services and common encodings for geospatial data and information
  • Reduce system costs and personnel training needs
  • •Enable collaboration with other DoD services and coalition partners
  • Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness of Army full spectrum operations


The AGEA Standards Profile is available online (CAC Required) at

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