Current Operations Team

Published Feb. 13, 2013

Description and Background

The Current Operations Team provides rapid response geospatialintelligence products and services in support of Army operations and serves as the Army Geospatial Center’s (AGC) lead for crisis support and emergency operations management. Support requests are usually completed and disseminated within 72 hours

Key Capabilities

- Geospatial analyses, imagery analyses, elevation data exploitation.
- Creating custom elevation data in support of fly-thru.
- Fly-thru creation (using TerraExplorer).
- Terrain analyses of varying scope in support of evolving data requirements.
- Generation of image-derived products to produce literal (image-like products) or non- literal (graphical) representations of classified imagery that allows dissemination at lower classification levels.
- Organizing and managing multidisciplinary teams formed from within the AGC to meet crisis support requirements.
- Fusion of data sets to combine geospatial and imagery in formation with all source intelligence.
- Access to commercial imagery through the AGC Imagery Office--the U.S. Army’s Commercial and Civil Imagery Acquisitions monitor.
- Access to AGC’s Geospatial Information Library: a special collection of hard copy, textual and digital geospatial data.
- Access to the Civil Applications Committee, which provides interagency oversight for the collection and use of imagery acquired by national technical means by federal civil agencies.
- Coordination and collaboration with other Department of Defense and Intelligence Community crisis cells and task forces.
- Products and data are tailored to specific customer requirements. The data are deliverable via PKI, SIPRNET, JWICS.

Product Development

Producer - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Army Geospatial Center, Plans and Operations Directorate.

Current Status

Continuing support to Army operations for Overseas Contingency Operations and to the US Army Corps of Engineers in times of civil disaster response. Data can be accessed via AGC web pages at (crisis link): (PKI) (SIPRNet) (JWICS)

Point of Contact

AGC Operations Center,
Commercial: (703) 428-6623, DSN: 364-6623 .