Defense Advanced Global Positioning System Receiver (DAGR) Map Background Production

Published Feb. 13, 2013
Defense Advanced Global Positioning System Receiver

Defense Advanced Global Positioning System Receiver

Background and Description

The Defense Advanced Global Positioning System Receiver (DAGR) provides real-time position, velocity, navigation and timing information in a handheld receiver.

To assist DAGR users, the AGC’s Warfighter Support Division created downloadable maps that can be loaded in to the DAGR. These maps are in .GMP "geomorph tile map" format and available in the DAGR Product Library on the AGC's SIPRnet website.

Key Capabilities

The Data Dissemination Team is producing maps for DAGR using CADRG at a variety of scales including Military Installation Maps (MIMs), City Graphics, TLM50s and TLM100s, based on the best available product for an Area of Interest (AOI). Recently, VMAP has been added to the list of products available for conversion. Maps can be created over large areas such as a whole country or for smaller local areas. Requests are accepted for any AOI and as long as the data exists, DAGR maps will be made available within a few days.

Current Status

There is currently data available for 15 countries including full coverage for 5 of those countries, to include Iraq and Afghanistan. Maps are available for download through the AGC PKI and SIPRnet websites or can be mailed on CD or DVD. New requests are accepted via email or through the requests portion of the DAGR or Common Map Background (CMB) pages on the AGC’s unclassified, SIPR and JWICs websites.

Point of Contact

Data Dissemination Team:

Commercial (703) 428-7889 DSN 364-7889

CMB Websites:

Product Catalog (UNCLAS) *CaC Required (SIPRnet) (JWICs)