Published Feb. 14, 2013

Description: The GeoServices Project is an effort to disseminate the Army Geospatial Center’s (AGC) data, products, and analytics to the Warfighter, Army, and DoD using Standard Shareable Geospatial Foundation (SSGF) web services within the Army Geospatial Enterprise (AGE), facilitating a common operational picture for the Soldier at all echelons.

The AGC published a number of useful datasets as standard and shareable web services via SIPRnet, which is utilized by the majority of Soldiers seeking geospatial information, tools and expertise. These programs include Urban Terrain, Water Resources, BuckEye (Unclassified high resolution imagery), National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) maps and charts, and Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) basemaps.

Key Capabilities: The use of AGC standard map and image services permits Soldiers to gain access to a wealth of geospatial data, maps and imagery without the need or burden to collect, assemble, import, process and manage this data. By offloading the data preparation processing, hosting and dissemination to the AGC, Soldiers may focus on their primary tasks - analysis, planning and warfighting; facilitating mission success within the Military Decision Making Process. This net-centric, enterprise environment is a form of reach-back support, where the geospatial experts with the proper resources can invest time and effort to prepare data once, and serve many. This reduces or eliminates redundancy and encourages a more efficient use of the Soldiers time, money and computing resources. This capability provides Soldiers, civilians and mission partners with the geospatial information that they need, when they need it.

Way-Ahead: The AGC plans to develop additional services and continued integration with AGE GeoGlobe and Common Map Background (CMB) Online service. AGE GeoGlobe is a worldwide, 3D-based, enterprise-enabled visualization tool that allows users to access the AGCs geospatial imagery, data and products through a locally-installed 3D client for Internet Explorer. CMB Online provides Soldiers with around the clock access to organized, common geospatial datasets (e.g. AGC data/products and NGA maps).


Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Mapping Service (WMS)
OGC Web Feature Service (WFS)
OGC Web Coverage Service (WCS)
OGC Keyhole Markup Language (KML)
ESRI Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
ESRI GeoServices REST Specification

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