Integrated Evaluation Center (IEC)

Published Feb. 14, 2013


To provide the AGC and other DoD organizations with automation, communications and simulation support infrastructure to enable both live and virtual experimentation, demonstrations and analysis. The IEC also provides facility support infrastructure, as needed. The center’s staff operates and maintains a hardware and software environment that ensures secure and unsecure communications connectivity to other DoD facilities.

IEC Capabilities The IEC is a service-oriented enterprise Facility

- Systems Engineering / Integration
- Community-wide expertise
- Knowledge base across all services and operational platforms
- Network & communications engineering
- In-depth understanding of all possible configurations
- Expert user-specific implementations
- Extensive Systems Administration Experience
- Flexible solution-oriented experience
- Knowledge incorporating multiple platforms and classification levels

The IEC provides customers with the following services:

- Demonstrations and briefings support
- Operational and training exercises support
- Design, develop and implement integrated architectures
- Conduct operational testing of applications
- Produce operationally-credible data

Point of Contact COM: (703) 428-7135, DSN: 328-7135