Spatial Data Standards for Facilities, Infrastructure and Environment 3.X

Published Feb. 14, 2013


Geospatial data has historically not been standardized across the DoD Installation and Environment (I&E) and Civil Works (CW) enterprise and is therefore difficult and costly to use, share and integrate. To solve this problem, the US Army Geospatial Center (AGC) and the Defense Installations Spatial Data Infrastructure Group (DISDIG) has developed a geospatial data standard across the DoD I&E communities and USACE Civil Works by streamlining the Spatial Data Standards for Facilities, Infrastructure, and Environment (SDSFIE) from version 2.6 to 3.X. The development of the SDSFIE Logical Data Model (LDM) is a major milestone in the development of SDSFIE.


  • The SDSFIE 3.X Gold has been approved as final by the DoD Real Property and Installation Lifecycle Management Investment Review Board (IRB).
  • SDSFIE 3.0 version was released on the SDSFIE website November, 2010.
  • SDSFIE 3.1 version was released on the SDSFIE website February, 2013.
  • USACE SDSFIE 3.1 HQ Adaptation was released on the SDSFIE website March, 2013.
  • The Information Technology Support Center (ITSC) accepted SDSFIE 3.X as a DoD Information Technology Standards Registry (DISR) mandated standard effective 22 July 2011 in DISR Baseline 11-2.


  • The team developed a very streamlined logical data model (LDM) that met the needs of stakeholders and subject matter experts (SMEs) and was clearly regulation and guidance driven. SDSFIE 3.0 was designed as a very focused data model that is flexible to meet the actual requirements of individual users and user groups through adaptation. It no longer stores non-geospatial data nor data that belongs to other proponents. Its configuration management is maintained through the DISDIG and a detailed Change Management Process. SDSFIE implementation tools are now Web-based.


  • The Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Installations and Environment) (OSD I&E) Business Enterprise Integration Directorate released Guidance for the Adaptation of SDSFIE 3.0 on 11 May 2011. This document describes the highest level rules of implementation and adaptation.
  • USACE published their implementation plan December 2012.
  • AGC has created a USACE Data Standards Project Development Plan (PDT) to manage and review all adaptations. It consists of representation from each USACE District.
  • USACE has proposed a highest level adaptation and is currently testing a District implementation and developing some further guidance and how-to documents that are intended to ease the transition to SDSFIE 3.0 for USACE.

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