Hydrologic Data Resources Application (HyDRA)

Published Feb. 14, 2013
Hydrologic Data Resources Application

Hydrologic Data Resources Application

Description and Purpose

The Hydrologic Data Resources Application (HyDRA) is an unclassified smart phone application created to provide the water community with a means of water resources data collection, visualization, and dissemination in an enterprise environment. Information collected via HyDRA is added to the Water Resources Data Base (WRDB), an enterprise geodatabase containing information on the location, quantity and quality of land-based surface, ground, and existing water facility features to support DoD water resource logistics decisions. The WRDB and HyDRA databases are maintained by the Army Geospatial Center's (AGC) Water Resources program and serves as DoD’s primary agent for military water resource analysis and water detection.

Key Capabilities

The HyDRA allows users to view, collect, and edit water resources features on their smart phone using Google MapsTM and Google EarthTM mobile applications. Water resource features such as wells, water tanks, water storage points, dams, treatment plants, etc. can be added, queried, and edited from the user's phone in both connected and disconnected modes. Collected features can later be edited via a webpage that has the same functionality. The database was initially populated with over 1.6 million unclassified features worldwide, to provide the user with initial data for reference. The intended user is any DoD logistic and geospatial intelligence personnel with a mobile handheld device such as a PDA or smart phone with an AndroidTM 2.2+ operating system. A compass feature is also included to assist the user in finding the nearest water feature and their bearings.

Product Development

Producer - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Army Geospatial Center/Engineer Research and Development Center. The web page and mobile application were created to assist Army Engineers and the water community working in infrastructure and reconstruction operations with feature collection and identification. The collected data is added to AGC’s WRDB, to support future OCONUS DoD Water Resource missions (http://www.agc.army.mil/fact_sheet/ wrdb.pdf).

Current Status

Version FEB-v.1.0 is available by request on AGC’s web page under "Products Available/Water Resources" (http://www.agc.army.mil/WRapp/hydralogin.cfm). An offline version of the mobile application is under development and will allow the user to store collected data locally and sync to the server after an internet connection becomes available.

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