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Civil Works


 Inland Electronic Navigational Charts

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has developed Inland Electronic Navigational Charts (IENCs) on much of the 8,200 miles of rivers in the U.S. Inland River System. This initiative began in 2001 in response to demand from the inland navigation industry and new capability of technology with small computers and availability of accurate GPS/DGPS positioning. These IENCs are also possible because of accurate and up-to-date survey and chart data collected by the Corps for waterway maintenance and construction.


 Historical Photo Analysis

Fact Sheet (pdf)
Historical Photographic Analyses (HPA) is used by analysts to address environmental concerns related to land use change, such as historical wetland evaluation, shoreline change, watershed/land use mapping and produces a variety of baseline environmental analyses.


 National Inventory of Dams

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The website enables query of dams using any of the 60+ fields of information, including dam name, height, type, purpose, year of construction, and owner, with query results shown on screen. Users can also display and query dams using the interactive map and show relevant features, such as state, county, congressional boundaries, waterways, and major cities. To query the database, users must request an account from the NID Login tab. After a short approval process, users will receive an email notification with username and password. There is a short PowerPoint tutorial available from the Interactive Report as well as other help documentation on the Interactive Map function.