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Enterprise Development


 Army Geospatial Enterprise

The AGE is an integrated system of technologies, standards, data, and processes that delivers a standard and shareable geospatial foundation, which facilitates a Common Operational Picture (COP) to the Warfighter at all echelons. This enables the synchronization, sharing, portrayal, awareness, fusion, and correlation of geospatially referenced warfighting data. It also enhances Soldier Situational Awareness and leads to Information Superiority.


 Geospatial Information and Services Requirements

AGC's Geospatial Information, Imagery and Requirements Branch identifies, reviews, analyzes, evaluates, and designs the GI and imagery requirements for the Army. Provides technical support to G2, MANSCEN, TPIO-Terrain, as well as Army systems, programs, and activities

 National Datums and Subsidence Program

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Implement a nationwide datum and subsidence standard methodology for the Corps, initiate and populate database, provide and update guidance manuals containing references to elevations and datums, develop certification process and provide training to reach certification, and develop standard methodology for updating geodetic and water level information within projects.