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HyperCube is a Macintosh and Windows application program (update information) specifically directed to the analysis and display of multi and hyperspectral imagery. This includes the static and dynamic display of the image cube and the generation of spectral classifications using both imagery and spectral libraries. In addition, HyperCube contains functions to filter, warp, mosaic, reformat, calibrate, combine, photogrammetrically project, stereo compile and to perform arithmetic on imagery and data.

Macintosh Version

There are currently two Mac versions of HyperCube (HyperCube_PPC.zipHyperCube_Intel.zip).  The first one is for the PowerPC and the second is for the Intel architecture.

Windows Version

The Windows version (HyperCube.zip) runs on the Windows XP and Vista operating systems and contains both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. There are no other special requirements or considerations. The Mac and Windows versions are 99.9% identical with one significant difference: the Windows version does not support the Mac Pict image format. It uses TIFF as the basic image format. Although the documentation was done on a Mac version of Adobe InDesign using Mac examples, the Windows GUI matches it one-for-one. Any slight (very slight) differences between the two versions are delineated in the text (in particular see the "Load Selection" button in section Band List of the documentation). Also, see "Windows version" in the documentation index.

The Windows version uses the Control (Ctrl) key instead of the Macintosh command key. So, for example, to perform a paste operation press the Control and V keys simultaneously. The Mac Option key is replaced with the Alt key in Windows.

Various Files

Listed below are the downloadable data files that are part of the Quick Start. Each expanded *.hdr and *.wvl file must reside within the same folder as their corresponding base image file. The documentation (HyperCube.pdf ) details each HyperCube function and contains more than 100 pictorial examples of their usage.

     - HyperCube.pdf    Documentation in portable document format (189 pages, 15 MB, Acrobat 5.0).
     - Quick Start.pdf   Step by step instructions to get HyperCube up and running with the example files.
     - HyperCube.zip   Windows executable, use WinZip to expand the 32 and 64 bit versions (2.5 MB).
     - HyperCube_PPC.zip    Macintosh PowerPC installation (2.5 MB).
     - HyperCube_Intel.zip    Macintosh Intel installation (2.5 MB).
     - Library.zip    Spectral library ( WinZip file or Sutffit 5.1, 49 signature files and 1 library list file, all in ASCII, 300 KB).

Sample data sets, *.zip for Windows and Macintosh platforms:

Cc.zip   Color wheel (8 bit BSQ, 440 pixels by 290 lines by 3 bands, 373 KB). Also includes the corresponding header, Cc.hdr, and wavelength, Cc.wvl, files ( 373 KB, 12 KB compressed).

URBAN.zip   HYDICE sensor imagery (16 bit BIL, 307 pixels by 307 lines by 210 bands). Includes header, URBAN.hdr, and wavelength, URBAN.wvl, files (40 MB, 22 MB compressed).

TERRAIN.zip    HYDICE sensor imagery (16 bit BIL, 307 pixels by 500 lines by 210 bands). Includes header, TERRAIN.hdr, and wavelength, TERRAIN.wvl, files ( 64 MB, 37 MB compressed).

DTED.zip   Digital terrain elevation file. Includes header file, DTED.hdr (572 KB, 254 KB compressed).