NDSP Services

District Support

The National Datums and Subsidence Project is available for training, workshops, presentations, support, etc.
We have a 2 hour presentation available for project managers, chiefs, etc...
We are also preparing a 15-30 minute session for PROSPECT Courses that will provide the basic concpets of geodesy, datums, and how our projects depend on an accurate relationship between the geodetic datums and the local water surface.

Training Aids

OPUS-DB Powerpoint
Datums Powerpoint 

Files Available for Download

Adopting National Standards for Tidal and Geodetic Datums
Analysis of Datums and Elevations in USACE Projects: FINAL REPORT
Circumference of the Earth
CoP Membership
Section 224: Channel Depths and Dimensions
U-SMART Functionality
U-Smart Factsheet
Vertical Datums