U-SMART -- Installing the DoD Security Certificates

Certificates are installed on servers to allow users to have peace of mind that they are accessing servers securely and safely.
The way it works is that each user (you) access servers that you "trust".

This involves installing the certificate from a server onto your local machine.

The reason you do not have to add every servers HTTPS certificate manually to your local PC is because most private industry servers (non-government) and their trust certificates are installed by default when you install Internet Explorer.

DoD certificates for government machines (.MIL) ARE NOT installed by default!

When you access a .MIL site you will get a security warning that the certificate should not be trusted.

All the end user needs to do is install the DoD certificates and all these certificate warnings go away!

STEP I: Download the two certificates below.
Class 3 Root CA Certificate
Root CA 2 Certificate

STEP II: Double click on "Download Class 3 Root CA Certificate" then select Open. (If asked, click on Allow to the Crypt Shell Extensions from Microsoft Windows)

STEP III: Click on the Right facing arrow next to folder location for the certificate in the left hand pane to expand it, then double click on "Certificates"

STEP IV: On the right hand pane listing the certificates, double click one of the two the DoD CLASS 3 Root CA files then click the Install Certificate button.

STEP V: Click Next in the Certificate Import Wizard, select "Place all certificates in the following store" and click Browse.

Select "Trusted Root Certification Authorities", then click on OK. Click Next, then click on Finish. If successful, you will get an import successful message.

STEP VI:Close the certificate manager window and repeat this process for "Download Root CA 2 certificate".

Double click and expand the Certificate list, scroll to the bottom and double click one of the DoD Root CA 2 certificates.

(located at the end of the list) Follow the instructions above to install.

STEP VII: Close your browser. Reopen the browser and access the U-SMART website again.

Instructions for loading certificates for Firefox can be found here...