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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Army Geospatial Center in relation to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/Army?

The Army Geospatial Center provides geospatial-based information, capabilities and expertise to the U.S. Army and the nation as a direct-reporting center of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 

How does the Army Geospatial Center relate to the Army Geospatial Enterprise?

The Army Geospatial Enterprise is an integrated system of governance, technologies, policies, processes, standards, data and organizations that is enabled by the Army Geospatial Center to address standardization, interoperability and geospatial certification for more than 100 U.S. Army systems that either create or consume geospatial data. 

How does the Army Geospatial Center relate to the Geospatial Research Laboratory?

The Geospatial Research Laboratory is a part of the Engineering Research and Development Center, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, with work that centers on geospatial technologies and how they can measure phenomena in the physical and social environments encountered by the U.S. Army. The AGC and GRL share physical space and are very close collaborators. The GRL's research areas include LiDAR, remote sensing, geospatial intelligence and 3D visualization to support modernization goals.

How do I get products from the Army Geospatial Center?

Products are available for the use of government programs. The Army Geospatial Center allows users access to its geospatial data and products via a secure online repository. It also gives users the capability of having that data physically shipped to their location using any of the following interfaces: Standard Ordering Form, CMB Online, or DataDoors through The Army Geospatial Center Warfighter Support products are also available by emailing the specifics of the request to

How do I contract with or do business with the Army Geospatial Center?

Army Geospatial Center supports small business. Army Geospatial Center postings to FedBizOpps use keyword: AGC. New opportunities are posted on the website, under Contract Opportunities. Please send questions and electronic Capability Statements to

Could private companies get data from the Army Geospatial Center?

If you are working on a government program, AGC geospatial data is available through the website “How to work with us” tab. We are not resourced to service needs outside of warfighter support and civil works within the Corps of Engineers. For geospatial data requests outside of government programs, one of the largest free sources of satellite and aerial imagery is available through USGS Earth Explorer at

How do I apply for a job with Army Geospatial Center?

Thank you for your interest in working with us! All civilian job opportunities available with the federal government, including the Army Geospatial Center, are posted on USAJobs at Follow the link "Search for Jobs" to search by specific vacancy announcement number, agency, job category, or geographical location. Follow the link "Create Resume" to enter and maintain your resume data. You must have a current resume in the USAJOBS database before you can apply for a position with the Army Geospatial Center. After you create your resume in the system, select the “Apply Online” button located at the bottom of the vacancy announcement to which you wish to apply.

How do I conduct employment verification for an Army Geospatial Center employee?

We cannot provide personal information regarding former/current employees. Employment verification is provided through an online self-service tool that allows current employees to send employment and/or salary information to an external entity. Access to the MyBiz+ Employment Verification tool is available with Common Access Card at